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Red Flags That Indicate Your Vehicle Needs a Coolant Flush

The Georgia summer can do a number on your automobile, especially the engine. The car motor already works under extreme conditions. With your engine and cooling system overworking themselves, people have a higher chance of experiencing auto overheating this time of year.


To prevent engine overheating, you will need a fully reliable cooling system. Like any other vehicle component, the radiator, thermostat, water pump, and coolant can get corrupted over time. One of the most common ways to protect the cooling system is getting a coolant flush.

What Red Flags Indicate You Need a Coolant Flush?

  • Temperature Gauge Reading High - If the temperature gauge on your car constantly reads high, it means the engine is too hot. A coolant flush can fix this problem. 
  • Sweet Scent - Coolant or antifreeze fluid has ethylene glycol, which has a sweet smell. You'll catch the scent if your car leaks coolant due to worn parts. It would be best to take it as a signal to get the coolant flush.
  • Abnormal Engine Sounds – Your engine should run almost silent most of the time. However, when you catch knocking, boiling, grinding, or whirring sounds, please do not wait to bring your car in for an inspection.

If your vehicle indicates a need for a coolant flush, we invite you to bring your car, SUV, or truck to Hahira Automotive Service today. Our experts are skilled in performing effective coolant flushes. We'll have your engine protected from the heat and back on the road in no time.

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