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What are the Signs of Clogged or Dirty Fuel Injectors?

When your car doesn't get fuel as it should, you might wonder what's going on. You know it's not your engine that's throwing the gasoline. There should be enough for everyone in your car. But if you're getting poor mileage, or your car gets dirty or clogged fuel injectors, you should visit a mechanic. The following are signs of a dirty or clogged fuel injector;

Your car's gas mileage is poor.

Poor gas mileage is one of the first signs your car's fuel injectors will fail. You're not getting the recommended amount of gas. Or, you're getting way less than the tank warning amount. Your car's fuel injectors are probably not giving you the required boost.

Leaking Fuel

One of the signs your car's fuel injectors need cleaning is if you start to smell gas. You should also see insufficient fuel pressure in the engine and a low-manometer reading.

The car won't start.

If you let your car run without starting it, you'll probably notice that the engine doesn't get any gas. The fuel injector should open and pour fuel into the cylinder when the engine is started. If the pump is working but the injector is dry, you have an injector problem.

Warning Light

You've probably seen warnings on the radio and print about fuel line problems. And, maybe you even paid attention to them. But have you ever thought about fuel injectors? Your car's warning light should be on only when you have a problem.

Misfiring Engine

Misfiring engines are widespread on old, dirty, or run hot cars. The fuel injectors in these engines don't get the fuel pressure they need to activate, which prevents the engine from running. If you see misfiring on your car, it's likely due to a clogged injector.

Rough idling

If you're running your car at a low speed for an extended period (less than 60 mph), and you see oil or gas coming out of your engine, it's probably due to a clogged fuel injector.


Bottom line

If you're seeing any of these problems in your car, then it's likely that your fuel injectors need cleaning. A clogged or dirty injector can cause severe engine damage or even a car accident. Visit our auto repair shop today for car repair services.

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