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Types of Unusual Vehicle Smells

Don't ignore a strange odor lingering inside your car. That foul smell could be due to an old egg salad sandwich left under a seat, or maybe it is due to something more serious, such as a damaged catalytic converter.
Here are five bad car smells that should never be ignored.
1. Gas Smell
If your car smells like gas, it could be from your last visit to the gas station. Roll down your windows and the odor should disappear in a few minutes.
A lingering gas smell indicates that gas is leaking somewhere in your car. A damaged fuel cap, or leaking fuel tank is often to blame. If this is the case, bring your car in for an inspection as soon as possible.
2. Exhaust Smell
The smell of exhaust creeping inside your car can indicate a hole in the exhaust pipe, or that the seals on your car doors and windows are wearing out. This is a situation that must be addressed immediately as it exhaust building up inside the car is lethal to both people and pets.
3. Rotten Egg Smell
A rotten egg smell means that something is rotten under your hood. It indicates damage to any part of the fuel system including the filters, pressure sensors or the catalytic converter. It can also mean that your transmission fluid needs to be replaced.
4. Burning Rubber Smell
A burning rubber smell means that a rubber hose or belt under the car hood is loose and chafing against hot engine parts. Fluid or oil leaks can also smell like burning rubber.
5. Burning Plastic Smell
A burning plastic smell can mean that a fuse or electrical wires have burned out. It can also mean that your brake pads need to placed or that the compressor in your AC needs to be replaced.

If you have a strange smell in your car it is a good idea to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop, so we can find the source and determine if it is hazardous to your health or damaging your car.

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