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Starting Problems? Is it the Battery or the Alternator?

Whenever your car has a problem staring, it is usually an issue with either your battery or alternator. You will need to know what to look for if you want to make the correct assumption. There are distinct issues or symptoms you can look out for with each problem.

Symptoms of An Alternator Issue

The alternator, a vital component of your car's battery charger, runs the electrical components in addition to recharging the battery when the engine is turned on. The alternator doesn't need to be updated as frequently as other components like the battery because it normally lasts between eight and twelve years. Your battery will not retain its power if your alternator malfunctions since it won't be capable of keeping it charged. The first indication that there might be an issue with the alternator is a flat battery. Here are a few other signs of a malfunctioning alternator;

• When you start to drive, your automobile subsequently stalls

• When the warmth or audio systems are turned on, the engine makes a screaming noise that becomes louder

• Although the car won't start, the headlights are functional

• Dim dashboard lights and headlights

• A scorching smell brought on by a hot alternator

• Dead vehicle battery

Symptoms of A Battery Issue

The automobile battery is an essential component since it is in charge of supplying electricity to the starter and the complete electrical system while the automobile is not in motion. A reliable automobile battery lasts for approximately four to five years. The alternator recharges it while you're moving because it can't store power for that long. Your battery's metal components might corrode with time, which would limit its anticipated capacity to store a charge and result in issues. Some of the noticeable signs of a faulty battery include:

  • Whining noise while igniting your vehicle
  • Slow reaction when you start the engine of your automobile
  • When you start the vehicle, the dashboard or headlights may be dim.
  • If your engine starts to run after receiving a jump start, but the car won't start again after being turned off
  • Worn-out battery

Auto Electrical Repairs in Hahira, GA

If your automobile won't start, you should inspect the alternator and battery. Get the problem rectified right away to prevent an accident. You can bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop for professional services and repairs.

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