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How to Store Your Vehicle's Important Paperwork and Service History

As a vehicle owner, you understand the importance of maintaining your vehicle to ensure it lasts year after year. Keeping track of your car's service history and other paperwork is essential to this process. It lets you know when your vehicle needs maintenance, which services have been performed, and when to replace certain parts. 
If you're tired of scrambling through papers in your vehicle, keep reading to find out what kind of paperwork you should keep (and which to throw out)!

First Things First, Keep Your Paperwork Organized
The first step in storing your car's paperwork or service history is to keep everything organized. You don't want to be frantically searching for receipts or service records when you need them. You should create a folder or binder specifically for your car's service records and keep it in a safe place. Some people like to keep it stowed away in their glove box, but we recommend going digital, like Google Drive or Dropbox. Electronic copies are harder to lose or get stolen.

Maintenance Records
It's vital to hold onto records of all maintenance performed on your vehicle. This includes oil changes, tire rotations, and any other regular maintenance recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer. 

Repair Records
Keeping track of repairs is equally important as keeping track of maintenance. You should keep records of any repairs performed on your vehicle, including the date, the type of repair, and the cost. This information can be helpful if you sell your car, as prospect buyers will want to know what repairs have been performed.

Warranty Information
If your car is still under warranty, keep all the warranty information with your service records. If you need to make a warranty claim or if you want to transfer the warranty to a new owner, you'll have it all there.

Insurance Documents
In addition to your car's service history, please ensure to keep your insurance documents organized. This includes your insurance policy, proof of insurance, and any other insurance-related documents. You never know when you might need to access these documents.

Vehicle Title
Finally, keep your vehicle title in a safe place. This document is proof of ownership; you will need it if you ever decide to sell your car. 

Remember to keep your maintenance and repair records, warranty information, insurance documents, and vehicle title in a safe place, and you'll be well-prepared for whatever comes your way.

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