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Questions to Ask Yourself When You Find a Car Fluid Leak

Questions to Ask Yourself When You Find a Car Fluid Leak

Almost all fluid leaks from automobiles are never good. It is a sign that somewhere in your car, there is a worn seal or gasket, leaky hose, or other fluid-related problem. Some leaks require urgent repairs more than others, which is why the team at Hahira Automotive Service is here to help. Here are some critical steps to take or questions to ask yourself after identifying a leak. 1. What Color Is It? Different auto fluids have different colors. For instance, engine oil is typically golden/brown, and transmission fluid is red. Coolant is also known for being a bright neon color. It helps if you know the color.  2. Where Is the Leak Coming From?  Another piece of useful information is if you can find where the leak is coming from. For example, engine oil and coolant leaks are commonly found in the front end of the vehicle. Whereas, transmission fluid is in the middle and or back. And brake fluid leaks can be found near the wheels. 3. Is the Fluid Thick or Dirty? Any Smells ... read more

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