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4 Spring Car Cleaning Tips

Spring is often seen as a season of renewal, and along with that notion comes the tradition of spring cleaning. While you do some tidying up around the house, don't forget about the cleanliness of your car. Here are our top 4 spring car cleaning tips:

Tip #1: Wash Carpet

You probably dragged mud, snow, road salt, and other contaminants on your floor all winter. By scrubbing and vacuuming the carpets and upholstery, you'll get rid of stains and crumbs present. It can significantly improve the look of your car right away.

Tip #2: Clean the Windows

Your vehicle's glass surfaces are another part of your car that took a beating throughout the colder seasons. Show them some love by spraying glass cleaner on both the inside and out of the surfaces. Be sure to use a clean and soft cloth when wiping.

Tip #3: Organize the Trunk

Most people have the tendency to use their car as a storage unit for junk. Now is the time to clean and organize your belongings so that your ride can look tidy again. Plus, removing excess weight can better your fuel mileage and minimize its drag on your engine.

Tip #4: Get a Car Wash

Of course, you shouldn't skip out on a much-needed car wash. During the winter, all sorts of debris and contaminants get flung onto your vehicle. A thorough car wash will eliminate any harmful particles that may cause rusting or other damage. Lastly, it would be beneficial if you topped off the wash with a protective layer of wax.


We hope you consider some of these tips as they will ensure your ride is ready for a new season. There's no better feeling than getting into an immaculate car. For all your automotive maintenance and repair needs, look no further than Hahira Auto Services.

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