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4 Signs Of Bad Brake Rotors

Your brake system and its components give off a few warning signs before it's too late for a shop visit. If you want to learn about five of them, make sure to continue reading!

1. Noisy Brakes

One of the first symptoms commonly associated with bad brake rotors and most noticeable is noise. If the rotors are warped (meaning not perfectly flat) or severely worn, they may produce unfamiliar, loud sounds while using the brakes. Usually, warped rotors will produce a loud squeak, while severely worn rotors will produce a scraping sound. The noise may get louder or quieter depending on how hard you press on the brakes.

2. Vibrations When Braking

Another symptom of bad brake rotors is excessive vibration or pulsation coming from the brake pedal while pressing it. This is caused by the uneven surface of the rotors rubbing against the brake pads, creating feedback you can feel in the brake pedal, steering wheel, or even the entire vehicle. The vibration will get worse over time, so visit a repair shop as soon as you notice it.

3. Visible Damage On The Rotors

A visual inspection of your brake rotors can also reveal signs of wear and tear, even if it sounds weird. If you notice any grooves, scores, or missing chunks, it means that your brake pads have worn down the rotor material and created uneven spots. This can reduce the contact area between the rotor and the pads, resulting in less braking power and more heat generation. Make sure to take advantage of this obvious sign and visit a mechanic ASAP.

4. Increased Stopping Distances

The most obvious sign of bad brake rotors is increased stopping distances. While it can be related to a couple of things, it's most likely the rotors or the brake pads. If you notice any of the other signs listed above, compared with decreased performance, make sure to change the rotors.

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